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From our kitchens to yours, we want to make Japanese food and dining relatable to the average Singaporean. If you want something sugoi but don't know where to start, let us be your guide. After all, our goal is to be a friend first and a business second.


So here's the deal: everybody loves Japanese food. But it's really easy to get lost. Sometimes, it might seem like there're a lot of rules to follow, and a great many more options to choose from.

Here at Home-Work, we want you to savour things your way, and know that it's okay to just have fun doing the things you love. Don't think of us as that kid on exchange that you have to be careful not to offend, but as that brand-next-door who lived in Tokyo for a couple months one time, and goes back every once in a while cos we can't get enough.

We're not certified experts, but we're pretty clever, and we're even more eager to share.


Home-Work is one out of four brands under the Yoi Group. Chikuwatei, Manzoku and Nishi (we operate out of the latter two) are all different dining concepts that serve Japanese cuisine, traditional or otherwise.