SAKE 101

What is sake?

In English-speaking countries like Singapore, sake is most commonly known as the “alcoholic fermented rice drink from Japan”. However, when you try to order a sake at a local Japanese izakaya (an inexpensive heaven for after-hour snacks and sake), all you are going to get is confusion. But, if you try to order nihonshu, you will get the beverage that we call sake in English. This is because, sake in Japanese refers to all alcoholic beverages in general, and what we refer to as sake is known as nihonshu which translates to “Japanese alcohol”.

Now you know what sake means, let’s move on to some basic things you need to know about sake!


With all that said, the best way to experience and learn about sake is to DRINK IT. So take a break away from your beers and ciders, and have a shot of sake! Or two.