The Wagyu Phenomenon

Updated: Jun 20, 2018

Photo: Giphy

If you’ve been to any Japanese restaurant lately, you might have noticed a peculiar phenomenon that goes by ‘wagyu’. With prices easily soaring to $200 and up, rumours abound that the cattle from which the beef was procured lived lifestyles more lavish than their breeders. But what really makes wagyu so expensive?

Wagyu cattle are reared with the most meticulous care, being spoiled, almost, with ‘premium grass’ (if such a thing could be said of grass), housing in super expensive facilities and even massages on top of everything else! All of this goes into getting a great difference in the meat’s marbling: the greater the marbling, the greater the tenderness and flavour.

With higher-grade steaks as the final product, it’s no wonder wagyu price tags tend to describe the higher end of the spectrum. And while you might wonder about just how premium grass can actually get (or, as a matter of fact, just how great those massages really are), the result is certainly nothing to turn your nose up at.